Electronic Components, Automation and Storage

Industrial Lighting

The right lighting in the right place is a vital factor for increasing productivity and employee motivation. Effortlessly being able to master visual tasks influences employee performance, quality of work, and safety at the workplace. Waldmann’s lighting components were developed based on the specific features and requirements of the respective work process. Simple symbols on the product pages indicate the relevant fields of application.

Machine Tools Lighting

A wide selection of lighting that provides the right illumination for different workplace conditions. That can include retooling, visual inspections or repair work. With our broad portfolio of products, your activities on machine tools are guaranteed to be shown in the right light.

Textile Machines Lighting

Various lighting systems are available to enable all operations on textile machines to run as smooth as silk. There are broad ranges of spot and surface lighting as well as flexible lighting solutions.

Production Facilities Lighting

Efficient luminaires, appropriate light colours, illumination values and radiated light characteristics to ensure that all steps involved in this facilities operate seamlessly

Packaging Machines Lighting

Lighting systems that is energy-efficient and homogeneous which illuminates machines effectively. It comes with a variety of lighting for confined spaces, and for a range of different needs.

Other Applications

Room Lighting

  • Logistics Hall
  • Office
  • Meeting Room

Workplace Lighting

  • Assembly Workplace
  • Electronics Workplace
  • Workshop Workplace
  • Inspection Workplace
  • Laboratory Workplace
  • Watchmaker Workplace