Flange Weld Testing

Flange Weld Testers (FWT’s) are used for hydrostatic testing of the integrity and tightness of new and / or old welds, without requiring a full system test to be performed. By creating a test chamber around the weld it is not necessary to flood the whole system with water (or another test medium). FWT’s are used in many systems, including pipelines, pressure vessels, etc. Because only part of the pipe, i.e. until the weld, is used as test chamber it is not necessary to clean the entire pipe.

All our flange weld testers are tested in-house, certified and ready for mobilisation within a short time within South-East Asia. Petracarbon’s Weld Tester’s are available in two forms: Flange Weld Testers (FWT) or internal weld testers (IWTs). These can be utilised to perform localised pressure testing of existing or new flange welds, effectively reducing the tedious requirement to flood the entire system. Petracarbon offers efficient, safe and cost-effective solutions to pipeline operators.

Our product offerings include:

  • Flange Weld Testers (FWT)
  • Internal Weld Testers (IWT)
  • Elbow Flange Weld Tester (EWT)
  • High Pressure Test Plugs

Operational Benefits

  • Low volumes of test medium, reduces costs and saves time.
  • Straight forward and simple to install and operational in minutes.
  • All tools designed to test welds in both horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Available sizes ½” to 24” – larger sizes available on request.
  • Testing pressures up to 230 bar – higher pressures available on request.
  • Tools are available for sale or hire.
  • Tools have been specifically developed for use in the Oil, Gas and Process Industries.

Key Features

  • All tools are certified prior to dispatch
  • Centre bypass port allows operator to monitor downstream conditions.
  • Specially designed polyurethane seal allows greater radial clearance if weld bead is excessive and will seal in most badly pitted pipe.