Flange Spreaders & Alignment Machines

Petracarbon is a proud distributor for Equalizer International Ltd in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. As our mission is to keep flanges leak free, proper flange alignment and spreading techniques are crucial to maintaining joint integrity. Having the Equalizer range of tools in the Petracarbon portfolio greatly enhances Petracarbon’s capability to provide value added products to our range of customers in the downstream oil and gas sector.

Spreading Tools

Petracarbon offers the following models of Flange Spreading Tools:

  • MG7 (Mini-Gap Flange Spreader)
  • SW9
  • SW14.5
  • SW15

Alignment Tools

Petracarbon offers the following models of Flange Alignment Tools:

  • FA1
  • FA4
  • FA9

Secure Grip Tools

  • SG4
  • SG6
  • SG11
  • SG13
  • SG15
  • SG18
  • SG25


Why use Flange Spreaders?

  • Safety

    With the introduction of the Equalizer flange management tools, those tasked with handling flange alignment, spreading and pulling projects can now be confident in finding a totally safe solution. Equalizer tools are portable, easy to use, have clear safety instructions and they overcome so many of the dangers associated with traditional flange working practices.

  • Portability

    All of Equalizer’s tools have been designed to be easily transported and set up and they come in a range of robust yet relatively light weight cases.

  • Highly Cost Effective

    Equalizer’s flange alignment, spreading and pulling tools do away with the need using teams of riggers or pipe workers and their associated, sometimes heavy, cumbersome and expensive equipment. Flange management projects that previously would have taken hours, can now be completed within minutes using the Equalizer™ range of tools.