In-Situ Machining Services

Petracarbon provides both products and on-site services for major industries worldwide including petro-chemical, power generation and ship-building.

Our on-site solutions team can handle any task and will develop solutions from start to finish. We maintain high industry standards for quality and cost. All of our products are crafted by experienced machinists and built with the finest, most durable materials available. All equipment and tools are available for sale or rent worldwide.

Being the original manufacturer, we ensure quality, affordability, and availability of our products. Our equipment can perform under virtually all conditions and have innovative designs and excellent durability. We have the equipment you need to get your job done on time and on budget.

Flange Facing

Petracarbon’s machinists can face from 2” diameter up to 126” diameter on any materials such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel or exotic steels with the right machine. Each flange facer model can be adjusted to meet the surface finish as required by the industrial standard.

Cold Pipe Cutting and Bevelling

Petracarbon’s split frame cold Pipe Cutting and beveling machines are designed to part off heavy wall pipe. This equipment can also perform any kind of bevels; modified bevels and J-Bevels for various weld preparations, where it has replaced the outdated use of torches, reed cutters, and grinders because of its precision and higher level of safety- especially when there may be gases in the pipe line.

Line Boring and Drilling

Portable boring is one of Petracarbon’s many machining services used to complement our repair work and to service a variety of our customer’s special requirements.

Petracarbon’s machinists can bore and/or face virtually any configurations from 2” diameter up to 44” diameter on any materials such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel or exotic steels.


Petracarbon’s portable milling machine has the capability and flexibility to remove fretted areas, weld removal and reclaimed machine surfaces, virtually any surfaces regardless of angle or position.

We are able to routinely meet OEM tolerances and many industrial standards as we have teams of experienced and skilled machinists.