Loaded Board Probes

ICT Probes

Petracarbon offers a wide range of spring contact probes to meet your testing requirements and has been long recognized as the leading distributor for spring contact probes in the region. Utilising a process that machines the barrel top into four bifurcated beams of precise length and profile, the design process stipulates that the beams are then coined to perfect center. This provides a compliant pressure fit against the plunger, resulting in a zero working clearance between the plunger and barrel. This technology is exceedingly effective at providing substantial performance gains. As compared to other spring contact probe designs in the market, namely single and highly variable contact point in bias designs, the bifurcated beams provide full radial contact to the plunger. This enlarged contact area never changes as the probe is compressed, always occurring at the point the plunger meets the barrel beams which results in the lowest, most consistent resistance of any probe.

Lead Free Probes

The lead free probe is designed with the end in mind. To provide less wear and contamination buildup, the plunger material, plating and tip geometry has been specially engineered produce optimum congruency, all while keeping to a moderate spring force of 7 to 8 ounces.

Wireless Receptacles

Wireless Receptacles are classified into two types.  The R-100, R-075 and R-50C receptacles form the first type of wireless receptable : It houses a replaceable probe on the top end and have a permanent probe on the bottom end.  These receptacles are designed for mixed center PCB test.  For the second type, the products R-100/SS and R-SS/SS receptacles have replaceable probes on both sides are designed for more general purpose wireless connections.


Ideal for no-clean, loaded board testing environments, these aggressive probes rotate up to 90° at the rated travel – virtually drilling through contaminants as effectively as ultra-aggressive tips, without requiring a high spring force.