Wafer Level CSP Test Sockets

A revolutionary Approach to Vertical Probing

IDI interposers are revolutionizing the testing of wafer-level chip scale packages (WLCSPs) in vertical probing applications. Test engineers are realizing tremendous savings in cost of ownership as IDI delivers a highly reliable, easily maintained, and eminently capable solution for this rapidly emerging form of test.
Where engineers were previously required to use expensive and difficult to maintain vertical probing solutions, IDI interposers can:

  • Be implemented at a fraction of the initial cost and lead time as compared to traditional technologies.
  • At the same time produce a radical improvement in maintenance downtime and contact life.

IDI sockets for production test of packaged devices are well known for their extreme durability and ease of maintenance. Now, IDI brings this same degree of ease to the wafer probing level.

Remarkably Low Cost of Ownership

A total IDI WLCSP interposer solution is typically less than 20% of the cost of a comparably effective vertical probing tool. The low cost of ownership of IDI WLCSP interposers begins with their initial cost. The interposer consists of relatively simple plastic assembly containing IDI’s proven semiconductor probe technology. The test engineer combines this with an easy to design and fabricate load board. The savings continue as the interposer is put into action. IDI’s spring probe technology provides more than 300 microns compliance, thus allowing for easy probe set-up and unparallel performance cycle after cycle.

Fast Delivery Time

Delivery times are greatly reduced as well. IDI designs its interposers within a week and ships within three weeks – a fraction of the lead time associated with vertical technologies. IDI WLCSP interposers run long and hard, with minimal attention required. They are easily maintained by the test technician with little tooling or training. The resulting minimal downtime combined with the fractional initial investment sums to a far lower cost of ownership than any other vertical probing solution available.

A Long-Lasting Interposer Solution

IDI WLCSP interposers require cleaning only every 50,000 touch downs on average, and contact replacement is rarely necessary before 500,000 tests.

Effortless Cleaning & Maintenance

Recommended off-line cleaning techniques take only minutes, and in many cases the interposer may be left attached to the load board. If contact replacement is required, it may be done at the test technician level with tools no more complex that tweezers and a screwdriver.