Our Business Approach

Sales and service

Customer focus is a guiding principle for Petracarbon. The ambition is to have close relationships with customers and to help them increase their productivity in a sustainable way. Sales and service is primarily direct, but complemented by alternative sales channels, e.g. through distributors, to maximize presence in the market. Sales of equipment are performed by engineers with strong application knowledge and the ambition to offer the best solution for the customer’s specific application. The offer also includes service and maintenance performed by technicians. Service is the responsibility of dedicated organizations in each business area. The responsibility includes development of service products, sales and marketing, technical support as well as service delivery and follow-up.


Petracarbon believes that there is always a better way of doing things. Innovation and product development are very important and all products are designed internally. A key activity is to design new or improved products that provide tangible benefits in terms of productivity, energy efficiency and/or life cycle cost to the customer, and at the same time can be efficiently produced. Petracarbon protects technical innovations with patents. Innovation also includes better processes to improve the flow and utilization of assets and information. Innovation will improve customer satisfaction and contribute to strengthening customer relations, the brand, as well as financial performance. Over-capacities and inefficiencies must always be challenged.