Onsite Machining Services

Petracarbon is a one-stop engineering solutions provider with comprehensive on-site engineering facilities and capabilities, as well as teams of dedicated and experienced manpower that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to design and develop solutions specific to your requirements.

We provide mechanical engineering and machining services for conventional and subsea bolt tensioning, bolt torquing, pipe cutting and beveling, flange facing, milling, drilling and tapping, line boring, and leak sealing operations to a vast range of industries ranging from Power Generation, Petrochemical, Offshore Oil & Gas, Marine, Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, Automotive and Constructions. We own a range of professional and reliable equipment which can meet the requirements for applications in a wide variety of fields. Check out our list of services:


  • Gantry Milling
  • Pipe Milling
  • Line Boring & Drilling
  • Cold Pipe Cutting and Beveling
  • Flange Facing
  • Online Leak Sealing
  • Flange Weld Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing

Our Services: