Our Businesses

Oil & Gas

Petracarbon’s Oil and Gas division has been providing world-class bolting and machining services to the Power Generation, Oil and Gas and Marine industries for over 30 years.


  • Oil and Gas

    Petracarbon strives to have a complete range of products and services to serve the Oil and Gas market from downstream to upstream, offshore to onshore.

  • Petrochemical Refining

    Petracarbon is the Asia’s largest manufacturer of bolt tensioning products for the Oil and Petrochemical industry. We are proud to be able to design custom made tools for special applications to solve the bolting needs of our clients.

  • Power Generation

    We provide a range of experience and expertise to address various bolting requirements for flange applications in the power industry. As such, we are proud to design and manufacture pioneering bolting solutions to optimise safety and increase productivity. Our comprehensive range of technology and services supplied to the industry includes torque, tension, on-site machining, on-site training and bolting services.

  • Subsea

    Our range of subsea bolting tools are made to last and specially designed for the ease of diver usage.