In-Circuit Test Fixtures

Petracarbon Fixture has a range of technologies to provide the adequate solution based on the complexity of the board and fit it according to vacuum, mechanical or pneumatic applications. We offer unique specifications that are robust to meet hi-volume demand and usage.

Keysight i3070 2Mod inline Fixture


✔ Panel of 2 boards
✔ nanoVTEP
✔ External ISP Programmer
✔ Top probe: 1000pcs
✔ Bottom probe: 1200pcs

Keysight i3070 4Mod Inline Fixture


✔ 3500 nets
✔ Boundary Scan with 3 ICs on One Chain
✔ ISP for 7 ICs

Keysight i1000 Inline SFP – Fixture


✔ Consumer product
✔ Panel of 10 boards
✔ Calibration test
✔ With Auto board markers

Keysight i1000 Flexicore Inline


✔ Automotive products
✔ Multi stage testing(ICT/Functional/High Current)
✔ Calibration test
✔ Integration of multi-channels in-system programmer

Other Specifications

  • Dual Stage fixture for ICT/FCT 2in1 testing.
  • Customised isolation method for high voltage testing at ICT.
  • Side access plug-in for continuity or loop back test.
  • LED colour check.
  • Auto board marker/stamping.