Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting


Petracarbon’s Ultra High-Pressure Water Jetting (UHPWJ) service involves using water jets at extremely high pressures for various cleaning, cutting, and surface preparation applications. The water is pressurized to levels significantly higher than traditional pressure washing systems, typically with pressures up to 1000 to 2800 bar. This system is environmentally friendly, cost-effective way of cleaning of industrial facilities.

Equipment: Petracarbon’s UHPWJ has specialized equipment designed to handle high pressures safely and efficiently. This includes high-pressure pumps, hoses, nozzles, and safety gear for operators.

Applications Includes:

✔ Condensers
✔ Boiler and reboilers
✔ Heat exchangers
✔ Pipeline
✔ Tanks
✔ Waste pond
✔ Column tower
✔ Fin fan
✔ Convection bank
✔ HRSG units
✔ Pressure vessels
✔ Topside oil & gas platform
✔ Industrial roof
✔ Flushing of sewer piping

Safety: Due to the high pressures involved, safety is paramount in UHPWJ operations. Petracarbon Operators received proper training on equipment use, safety procedures, and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements to prevent injuries and accidents.

Environmental Considerations: UHPWJ is an environmentally friendly cleaning method as it typically doesn’t require the use of chemicals or solvents. However, wastewater generated during the process may contain contaminants and must be properly collected, treated, and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

  1. Advantages:
    • Efficiency: UHPWJ can remove stubborn deposits and coatings more quickly and effectively than traditional methods.
    • Precision: The focused water jet allows for precise cleaning or cutting without damaging surrounding surfaces.
    • Non-abrasive: Unlike abrasive methods like sandblasting, UHPWJ doesn’t produce dust or create airborne contaminants, making it suitable for enclosed or sensitive environments.
    • Versatility: UHPWJ can be used on a wide range of materials and surfaces, including metals, concrete, plastics, and composites.

Overall, Petracarbon’s UHPWJ service offers a versatile and efficient solution for a variety of cleaning, cutting, and surface preparation tasks across different industries. We are constantly seeking to do better, and you can be assured of the best service when you entrust your job to us.

Ultra High Pressure Pumps

We specialize in high pressure water jet technology. Our facilities in Thailand has a fleet of over 30 pumps available for rental and service. In addition, we have teams of trained personnel who can be mobilized to support onsite jobs.


– Pressure: 690, 1000 up to 2800 bar
– Flow rate: Various, from 60 to 150 liter/min

Industrial Cleaning Nozzles

Customers get to choose from a wide range of water jet nozzles designed for specific industrial cleaning applications: