Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

Bolt Tensioning

Hydraulic bolt tensioning is a preferred method of tightening bolts in many industries due to the numerous advantages for both installation and removal.  Ease and speed of operation, which can be simultaneous, give downtime reductions, reduce costs and increase productivity for tightening critical bolted joints.

Unlike conventional methods, it does not use torque and does not require any forceful turning of the nut or bolt, like impact wrenches, flogging spanners or hydraulic torque wrenches.  All of these methods have one common enemy: FRICTION.  Overcoming thread friction and friction between the nut and the washer uses up over 80% of the torque energy applied to the nut or bolt, leaving less than 20% of the energy to produce useful tension in the shank of the bolt.  Variations in this friction loss, from bolt to bolt causes non uniform tension in bolts that have been tightened to the same torque or impact wrench setting.