Bolt Tensioners

Bolt Tensioners

Petracarbon supplies world class bolt tensioning products. We are able to design, manufacture and supply high quality bolt tightening products and solutions within a short lead time to suit our customers needs. We offer standard and customized tensioning tools for various applications.

Besides normal flange applications, Petracarbon is one of the few companies in the world able to provide specially designed bolt tensioning solutions. Once you complete a bolt application form, we are able to produce the tensioner within one week and ship to you, whenever you are in the world.

Topside Bolt Tensioner

The Boltite Topside Bolt Tensioner is a fast and accurate multiple tensioning tool. Utilising high-strength alloy steel, Boltite’s Bolt Tensioner provides superior hydraulic seals for enhanced performance. The tools are designed to suit a wide tooling range for different bolt/ stud sizes up to 500 TonF.

Subsea Bolt Tensioner

The Boltite Subsea Bolt Tensioner is specially designed to suit the demanding requirements of divers operating in harsh sub-sea environments. It covers a full range of bolt sizes from 1″ up to 3-1/2″. This tool operates up to maximum pressure of 21,750 psi and is driven by high pressure pump.

Multi Stage Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Tool

Boltite’s multi stage hydraulic bolt tensioning tools are ideal for use within the confined radial spaces. They provide an accurate and reliable solution for tightening critical bolted joints on today’s slew rings and wind turbines. Standard and special designs are available to suit each particular application.

Multi-stage range of tensioners has been designed to provide high and accurate preloads. They are durable, lightweight and easy to use. 
Unless faced with constricting spaces, single stage bolt tensioners should suffice for most applications if required. They offer high bolt loads in vertically restricted spaces yet provide the same user-friendly features as their multi-stage counterparts. We ship anywhere in the world.

Bolt Tensioner Hoses & Accessories

  • Quick Disc Coupling
  • Tensioning Hose

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