Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrenches


Low Profile Torque Wrenches

  • TW Series Low Profile Type
  • TX Series Low Profile Type

Square Drive Torque Wrenches

  • TU Series for Square Drive
  • TW Series for Square Drive

Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

Raptor is the result is a pneumatic wrench that is optimized down to the finest detail. The backbone of any pneumatic torque wrench is its gears. The gears that are the driving force behind the RP Series are designed with an increased durability factor. The full line of RAPTORs have endured more abuse from long term testing than these tools will ever experience in the field. If you require a pneumatic torque wrench that will be there for you on the job, look no further than the TorcUP RAPTOR!

The VOLTA Battery-Powered Torque Wrench

Combines cutting-edge technology with the freedom and flexibility of cordless operation. The VOLTA’s precision-engineered, brushless motor delivers efficiency, longer run-time and extended durability, while its configurable torque range capabilities ensure ease of use and repeatability. The tool’s internal brushless technology also allows the wrench to run cooler, providing bolting application safety and versatility in harsh environments.

Hydraulic Torque Pumps

TorcUP has created an industrial torque tool line which excels when others strive to just exist. Every TorcUP product design starts with a Clean Sheet. We have a laser-like focus on the best engineering practices and a dynamic ideology that tests every possibility. Safety is At The Heart of our product design. Users always want lighter and faster, but this can never be at the expense of safety and durability. We test to destruction – so you never have to. TorcUP is always looking Forward With A Focus on the bigger picture.

Impact Sockets

The TorcUP line of Industrial Sockets feature free corner design for flats above 5/8″ (17mm). All TorcUP Industrial Impact Sockets are made from high strength alloy steel, heat treated for the best combination of strength and impact resistance. With optimum wall thickness, TorcUP sockets have the strength to withstand the necessary torque and the access to reach the most restricted of nuts. The depth of the hex openings are designed to accommodate the nut, for full engagement.


  • Bolt loading uniformity
    • Your gasketed joints has to have an even and consistent compression via accurate bolt loads for the gasket to be effective. Refer to ASME B16.5 or contact a Petracarbon representative.
  • Increased Safety through effective recognition of unsafe methods of torquing
    • Elimates dangerous activities of manual uncontrolled tightening such as “flogging” and ensures the requirement that the torque operators be skilled and follow procedures.
  • Do it right the first time
    • By ensuring the correct assembly and tightening of the joint are carried out the first time, many of the uncertainties surrounding in-service joint failures are removed.
  • Effectively calculated, precise and accurate bolt loads
    • Petracarbon uses tools with controllable outputs and specifically adopts calculation to determine the required tool settings.
  • Increased productivity
    • By using hydraulic torque, traditional methods of tightening using increased manpower is eliminated. Also reduces tightening time and operator fatigue by replacing manual effort with the use of controlled tooling.
  • Repeatable and reliable results
    • Using calibrated, tested equipment, following procedures and employing skilled operators achieves known results consistently.