Manual Torque

For many applications, manual torquing is still seen as a reliable way to lock those nuts in. Whether the application involves delicate fasteners at 8-ounce inch of torque, or massive bolts at 10,000-pound foot, Petracarbon has the right product and solution to fit your requirements. Petracarbon is a distributor for Precision Instruments and Tone Torque Wrenches.

Precision Instruments Micrometer Torque Wrenches

➡️ 1/2″ Square Drive

➡️ 3/8″ Square Drive

  • M2FR100F
  • M2R100F


Precision Instruments Split Beam

The Split-Beam Click Wrench is the perfect solution to counter abusive environments that call for robust durability, while maintaining reliable, accurate operation. Winner of the July Professional Tool and Equipment News Innovation Award.

➡️ 1″ Square Drive

➡️ 3/4″ Square Drive

Tone Torque Wrench Preset-Type

➡️ Visible Indicator
➡️ Digital indicators allows accurate torque setting
➡️ Can be used for bolts / nuts of various size by changing socket
➡️ Designed for multiple industries


Click Here to Download Tone Torque Wrench Preset – Type Specifications