Pipe Cutters

Petracarbon offers portable pipe cutting machines to the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Shipbuilding and other industries that provide spark free, precision cuts and weld preps. Unlike other cold pipe cutters, our lathes have more bearings, which make it the most versatile machine to cut and bevel pipes, re-machine flanges, machine shafts and more.

Known as clamshell lathes, split frame cutters or Cold pipe cutting and bevelling machines in the industry, our portable pipe cutting machines are for in situ precision cutting and beveling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials. Our line covers a range of pipe sizes from 2″-60″ OD and are designed so that minimal radial and axial clearance are required for easy installation on in-line closed loop pipe.

Key Features:

  • Cost effective.
  •  Manufactured to high industry standard.
  •  Unique Bearing System.
  • Available for sales and rent worldwide.
  • Comes in Standard, Medium and Heavy Duty.
  • Can Fit anywhere most of the time.
  • Made in Sunny Singapore.